Booking Confirmation

1. The tenant is responsible for the rented cottage and its contents. In addition, he/she assumes the full and entire responsibility of the persons to whom it allows access. The occupants, to whom the tenant allows the access of the cottage, must conduct themselves so as not to disturb the other residents of close by accomodations while following the normal enjoyment of the premises.

2. Under no circumstance shall the landlord be liable for any damages or losses suffered by the lessee.

3. The landlord assumes no responsibility for damages, losses or theft in respect of the personal effects of the tenant and his guests.

4. For lakeside cottages, towels, bedding (sheets), comforters and pillows are to be brought by the tenant. For kitchen items, these are provided by the landlord.
For the guest rooms and cottages on the Lavigne and L’Assomption rivers, towels, bed linen (cozy), pillows and all kitchen items are provided by the landlord.

5. It is strictly forbidden to make a fire on the ground. An external location is provided for this purpose. The fire must be completely extinguished, if left unattended (departure, night etc.). The interior fireplace door must remain closed at all times when there is a fire and leaving the cottage.

6. The tenant is responsible for sewers and sink if clogged or damaged by his fault.

1. When leaving, leave the premises, cottage, grounds, furniture and accessories in the same condition as on arrival and at their initial location. A surcharge will be added at the expense of the tenant if the landlord finds that the state of cleanliness of the cottage is deemed unsatisfactory.

2. To comply with this lease. Failure to comply will result in costs that will be assessed at the Landlord’s sole discretion. Failure to comply with the contract gives the landlord the right to expel the tenant and his guests immediately upon termination of this rental agreement. In such event, the landlord will retain all amounts paid to the tenant and reserves the right to appeal against the tenant if damage has been caused to the rented premises.

3. To use the furniture and objects in the building rented for the intended use and in the places where they are. It is strictly forbidden to carry them out of the cottage.

4. To notify the landlord as soon as the tenant becomes aware of a defect and / or breakage of equipment, furniture or building. Any abuse usage or non-normal use of the building and its content, causing stains, breakage or defect, will be repaired or replaced entirely at the tenant’s expense.

5. Do not throw anything into washbasins, toilets, bathtubs and showers that may obstruct the pipes, otherwise the costs incurred for the restoration will be fully charged to the tenant.

6. Not to smoke inside the cottages since they are officially “Non-smoking”.

7. To allow access to the premises at all times to the landlord to inspect the premises and to carry out urgent works necessary for the maintenance of the leased premises and its equipment.

8. Household waste must not be accumulated inside the cottage. They must be packed in plastic bags and placed in the external waste bin provided for this purpose.

9. Doors and windows should be locked when the cottage is unattended and at the end of the stay.

1. To keep in force, throughout the period of rental, the minimum insurance prescribed by law.

2. To deliver the cottage in good condition, which is to be clean and with the equipment in good working order.

3. To notify the tenant if, for any reason, the landlord can not rent the cottage to the tenant for the agreed dates and undertakes to refund the deposit in full to the tenant.

No additional amount for damages or losses incurred may be claimed in any manner whatsoever from the landlord.

Reservation policy:

· For a reservation, $ 25 per adult per day is required, (minimum $ 150);
· For a family package reservation (5 or 7 days), a deposit of $ 200 per family is required.

Cancellation Policy:

· 16 days or more before the arrival date, non-refundable deposit, postpone for a future reservation;
· From 15 days before the arrival date, loss of deposit;
· 7 days and less before the arrival date, the total amount of the contract is due.

Steps to follow:

1) Take note of the information

  • Rental terms;
  • Tenant’s commitments;
  • Landlord’s commitments;
  • Terms and conditions.

2) Fill in the form

3) Submit confirmation

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