de la Pointe Cottage

Its character is unique! The cottage is located on the shores of the Blanc lake.

de la Pointe Cottage

Here is one of our latest cottage. It was built to meet customer expectations. Its character is unique! The cottage is located on the shores of the Blanc lake.

NB: Take note that you must bring your own drinking water.

The other cottages that are on the edge of the Blanc Lake are:
* Castor;
* Blanc.

  • 2 bedrooms with 2 double beds;
  • Solar panel (12 volts light);
  • Outdoor sink for gutting fishes;
  • Wood stove;
  • Non-drinkable water (comes from the lake);
  • Bathroom with shower;
  • Hot water;
  • Fully equipped kitchen (utensils, crockery, etc …);
  • Gas stove;
  • Refrigerator powered by 12 volts
  • Bedding not provided;
  • 2 dishcloths and a mop are provided;
  • Bodome for coffee;
  • Picnic table;
  • Campfire;
  • Propane BBQ.

Cottages along the lakes

du Trou, Auger, Paul, Blanc & de la Pointe

Starting at 130$ /night/person

140$ /night/person on Friday, Saturday and public holidays.

1. Certain conditions may apply for the minimum of people depending on the cottage;
2. Minimum of 2 nights stay.

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